Formerly known as the Snow Globe Incubator Fund, The Sagan Incubator Fund is downtown NYC curator and fashion impresario Johnny Sagan's new business for pursuing and managing sponsorships and investments in the careers of fashion designers, artists, and creative businesspeople, structuring the production and distribution of art as a quantifiable business pursuit without sacrificing its own or anybody else's soul.

On its fashion side, the Incubator is dedicated to providing the financial support and business development necessary to ensure that these emerging designers can produce the samples, fashion shows, and all associated media that are necessary to get sales and produce orders. The Sagan Incubator Fund is a one stop shop for artistic entrepreneurs to startup, develop and accelerate their creative businesses! To see our portfolio of work visit the Watch page and if you are interested in joining the Incubator, simply visit the Collaborate or Invest pages!

"I do this because of the cathartic, healing, body and character-building magic of the fashion industry.. Fashion is so visibly rewarding for people's self-esteem, at least the way I practice it. I live for the thrill and the deep-down nourishment of seeing someone after they model, after they design something great and see it come to fruition, after they do a great show and someone writes a great review.. Of all the things that human beings can do to stay out of trouble, I promise you fashion is one of the most joyous pastimes we've ever invented."

- Johnny Sagan, "How The Sagan Incubator Fund is Helping Foster a New Wave of Fashion Designers", Written by Justin T Moran for Bullett Magazine February 23, 2016